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Midjourney – AI Art Bot

Midjourney is something the artist may love and hate at the same time. As they may find it interesting and the art killer. Let’s jump straight into it without wasting any other second.Β 

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is the name of the software that works on artificial intelligence(AI), which creates art based on textual descriptions. This technology came to light when the British magazine β€œThe Economist” used this AI bot(Midjourney) to create the front cover for the issue of June 2022.


AI (artificial intelligence) is the intelligence shown by machines or computer systems. The Midjourney AI art bot is one example of artificial intelligence.Β 

How does the Midjourney AI art bot work?

This AI art bot is PC and mobile software. You can only access this software on Discord, as it is limited to Discord only so far. But you may expect a whole new application or software shortly.


You need to go to their website for the invite link. 

Click here!


Click “Join Beta”. and create an account on Discord. If you have any, then accept the invite and join the server.

Step-3Β Β 

The next step is to go to the newcomer section and join any chat room.


Now just use some prompts and describe what kind of art you want; it will take some time. You will be served with 4 desired outcomes, which you may upscale or create more versions similar to those. You may even change the whole outcome if you don’t like it.


β€œBelieve me, the results will be fabulous.”

Can we download the Midjourney AI Art Bot?

No, we can’t download MidJourney. You need to install Discord to have access to this new technology. You may subscribe to this AI art bot if you wish to, that too in Discord.

How to use Midjourney

The Midjourney AI art bot is very easy to use. You just need to think about what kind of art you want and describe it with some prompts. 

Midjourney feed

You may join the free chat rooms or you can purchase a monthly subscription according to your needs. In free chat rooms, you will be accompanied by many more people who will be engaged with the bot, and you may face some problems in getting your own art. But on the other hand, you will be provided a personnel room/space. So, you can think without any chaos.

Note: every piece of art that you will be searching for will be public. It doesn’t matter if you are a subscriber or not. 

You can have access to anyone’s things and art on that website. With the second option, which says β€œsign in with discord,” you can log into their website and have access to billions of art pieces from millions of people.  

Prompts for Midjourney 

Prompts are referred to as the codes or commands that will help you state your feelings to the bot. Some basic commands are:

  • /imagine

This prompt or command helps the user to create the image using textual information. It will produce a grid of 4 images within a minute or so.

parameters to β€œ/image”

The parameters are the command’s “inputs.” Some are needed, such as a prompt, while others are optional and affect how the question is understood and the picture is generated.

Some of the parameters are β€œ–hd”, β€œ–w”, β€œ–h”, β€œ–aspect”, and many more.

  • /help

offers facts and advice regarding the Midjourney bot that is generally useful.

  • /info

reveals details about your profile, plan, consumption, and currently running jobs.

  • /subscribe 

It establishes a unique connection to your current Discord account’s subscription page without requiring you to check in on the website.

Click here to learn about more prompts and commands.


Art can never be replaced by AI. Real art is a cluster of beauty and feelings (love, affection, rage, etc.). And AI can never devour those feelings. AI will definitely produce beautiful art pieces. They can never be that special.Β 

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